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Uncle John Vassar: The Fight of Faith - $2.95; John Vassar (1813–1878), for a number of years he evangelized in Dutchess County, N.Y., and other cities. In 1863, commissioned by the American Tract Society, he began his ministry to soldiers fighting the Civil War.


A Fruitful Life: The Missionary Labors of Stephen Paxson - $2.95; Missionary Stephen Paxson (1808–1881) spread Christianity by organizing over 1300 Sunday-schools on the American frontier. He overcame poverty, stammering speech, and no formal education.


Memoir of Rev. Samuel Kilpin - $3.95; Samuel Kilpin (1774–1830) was born in Bedford, England. He was a Baptist pastor who had a burning desire to be used by God and to preach the Gospel to lost souls. He especially loved children and orphans.


Memoir of Harlan Page  - $4.95; Harlan Page (1791–1834) was born in Coventry, Connecticut. He taught and worked for the American Tract Society. “He had one definite object before him: it was not fame, or family, or ease, or pleasure—but to honor Christ in the salvation of men.”

The Life of the Rev. C. F. Swartz - $.99; Christian F. Swartz (1726–1798) was born in Brandenburg, Germany. Christian learned the Tamul language and he was sent to India in 1750. He presided over the missionary station in Trichinopoly and Tanjore.  

The Life of Dr. Cotton Mather - $2.95; Samuel Mather highlights Cotton Mather's discipline, intelligence, and desire for God. He presents his father as an exceedingly productive example to follow.  

The Force of Truth - $4.95; The Force of Truth is an autobiographical account of how Rev. Thomas Scott came to his evangelical convictions. Thomas Scott set out on a course of self-study which led to a conviction of his own sin with the realization that he needed God's grace.

Memoir of Harriet Ware - $.99; Harriet Ware (1799–1847) was a school teacher in Maine and Rhode Island. She had a selfless, passionate love of orphans and began a school for destitute children in Providence, Rhode Island.

Toils and Triumphs - $2.95; This book portrays the historic adventures of missionaries of many denominations, in many parts the world in order "to awaken in the heart of every true Christian an earnest desire to aid in so glorious a cause."