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A.L.O.E. (Charlotte Maria Tucker) Short Story Index Page

Charlotte Maria Tucker wrote many books that are collections of short stories which often had a moral message. Here are some of her stories reproduced in their entirety. Blog page.

  1. The Backward Swing by A.L.O.E. Topic: Vanity
  2. Black Yarn and Blue by A.L.O.E. Topic: Thankfulness
  3. The Brother's Return by A.L.O.E. Topic: Bitterness
  4. Clouds and Sunshine by A.L.O.E. Topic: Counting blessings
  5. Edith and Her Ayah (nurse) by A.L.O.E. Topic: Salvation
  6. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining by A.L.O.E. Topic: Optimism
  7. False Friends by A.L.O.E. Topic: Love of money
  8. Forbidden Ground by A.L.O.E. Topic: Temptation
  9. A Friend in Need by A.L.O.E. Topic: Friendship
  10. Good for Evil by A.L.O.E. Topic: Forgiveness
  11. The Great Plague by A.L.O.E. Topic: Mocking sin
  12. The Green Velvet Dress by A.L.O.E. Topic: Deceitfulness of riches
  13. The Hymn My Mother Taught Me by A.L.O.E. Topic: Temptation
  14. The Message of Hope by A.L.O.E. Topic: Hope
  15. The Mother's Return by A.L.O.E. Topic: A mother's love
  16. The Olive Branch by A.L.O.E. Topic: Peacemaking
  17. Only a Little by A.L.O.E. Topic: Neglecting duty
  18. The Prisoner Released by A.L.O.E. Topic: Man's sinful nature
  19. The Two Sons by A.L.O.E. Topic: Honoring parents.