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Archie's Old Desk (Free PDF Download)

Archie's Old Desk (Free PDF Download)


Archie inherited an old desk from his sailor uncle, and moved to London. He decided he liked a fast lifestyle and had contempt for his more disciplined roommate Martin Willis. He befriended Arnold Huntlie and had many unhealthy late night adventures. Archie stole from Martin, to cover his debts, and during a scuffle, the secret of Archie's desk was revealed. Published in 1872, this is one of Sarah Doudney's early popular stories.

PDF 8"X5", 82 pages.

SARAH DOUDNEY (1841–1926) was born in Portsmouth, England. Her family ran a large candle/soap business. The household had a strong protestant ethic. She grew up in rural areas and went to Madame Dowell’s College. Unencumbered with a husband or family she wrote abundantly, starting from an early age, novels, poetry, hymns and stories. She wrote the hymn, “Sleep on Beloved,” sung at Charles Spurgeon’s funeral.

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