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Stories and Poems List

Aboard an Emigrant Ship By Hesba Stretton

The Aged Penitent by Gustavus Abeel

The Aged Sailor

The Amiable Louisa by John S. C. Abbott

The Bad Bargain by Hannah More

The Bible Calendar

Bob the Cabin Boy by Rev. George Smith

The Carpenter by Hannah More

Charlie the Drummer Boy By Sarah Baker

The Christian Traveler by Charlotte H. Cherry

Dan and Jane by Hannah More

The First Voyage by T. H. Gallaudet

The Foolish Traveller by Hannah More

The Fools' Pence by Rev. Charles B. Tayler

The Gin-Shop by Hannah More

Gypsy Glimpses by Hesba Stretton

The Hackney Coachman by Hannah More

The Happy Waterman

Here and There by Hannah More

The History of a Bible by Rev. John W. Cunningham

The History of Old Shusco

The Honest Miller of Gloucestershire by Hannah More

The Honest Waterman or History of Thomas Mann Compiled by Joseph Butterworth

The Impossibility Conquered by Hannah More

James Covey by Rev. John Griffin

King Dionysius and Squire Damocles by Hannah More

The Lady and the Pie by Hannah More

The Lost Children by T. S. Arthur

The Lucky Leg by Hesba Stretton

The Missionary's Father by William Goodell

Nothing to Pay by Frances R. Havergal

Patient Joe by Hannah More

The Plum-Cakes by Hannah More

Poor Joseph by Rev. Dr. Calamy

The Puppet Show by Hannah More

The Rescued Brand by Rev. William J. R. Taylor

The Riot by Hannah More

Robert and Richard by Hannah More

The Russian Nurse by Rev. Richard Knill

The Scotsman's Fireside by Mrs. Divie Bethune

The Stupid Little Servant by Amy Le Feuvre

The Swiss Peasant by Caesar Malan

Turn the Carpet by Hannah More

The Two Gardeners by Hannah More

The Wayside Hearers

What Will You Do Without Him? by Frances R. Havergal