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Amy Le Feuvre Author Page

Amy Le Feuvre AuthorAlso called Mary Thurston Dodge (Pseudonym) 
Amelia Sophia Le Feuvre (1861-1929) was born in Blackheath, London, England.  She grew up in a large family which employed a governess for the children's education. Her father worked as a Surveyor at H. M. Customs - CSO. Her grandfather, James Mainguy, was a reverend in Guernsey. She dedicated her life to writing many books and stories that are filled with Biblical principles, for magazines like Sunday at Home and Quiver. Her publishers included Revell in Chicago, Dodd Mead in New York, Religious Tract Society in London, and Hodder and Stoughton in London. She died at Exeter, Devonshire after 68 fruitful years.
Curiosmith features:
Teddy's Button
A Daughter of the Sea
The Carved Cupboard
A Puzzling Pair
Probable Sons
Eric's Good News
Legend Led
Martin and Margot
Bulbs and Blossoms
On the Edge of a Moor
Jill's Red Bag
Father - Edmond Philip Le Feuvre (1824–1914). Surveyor  in H. M. Customs (Her Majesty's Customs) – CSO (Central Statistical Office). Married Sidney in 1856.
Mother - Sidney Mary Mainguy.
Siblings – William, Edith, Frederick, Henrietta, Charlotte, Clementine.
Grandfather (Mother's side) - Rev. James Mainguy, Rector of St. Mary de Castro, Guernsey. 
1861 - Born in Blackheath, London.
1871 - West Keal, Kent England.
1903-1914 (at least) - Moor Cottage, Okehampton Hamlets, Dartmoor.
1924 - 1929 (at least) - Portland Lodge, Exeter.
Amy Le Feuvre Books and Stories:
Alick's Corner
Andy Man: A Story of Two Simple Souls
Around a Sundial, and Dicky's Brother
Bit of Rough Road (A)
Bridget's Quarter Deck
Bulbs and Blossoms
Bunny's Friends
Buried Ring (The)
Carved Cupboard (The)
Chateau by the Lake (The)
Chats with Children; or, Pearls for Young People
Cherry, the Cumberer that Bore Fruit
Cherry Tree (A)
Children of the Crescent (The)
Children's Morning Message (The)
Chisel (The)
Christina and the Boys
Country Corner (A)
Cousins in Devon
Daddy's Sword
Daughter of the Sea (A)
Dicky's Brother; or, Thou hast Destroyed Thyself, but in Me is Thine Help
Discovery of Damaris (The)
Dudley Napier's Daughters
Dwell Deep; or, Hilda Thorne's Life Story
Eric's Good News
Four Gates
Girl and Her Ways (A)
Granny's Fairyland
Happy Woman (A)
Harebell's Friend
Heather's Mistress
Her Husband's Property
Her Kingdom: A Story of the Westmorland Fells
Herself and Her Boy
His Big Opportunity
His Birthday: A Christmas Sketch
His Little Daughter
Jill's Red Bag
Joan's Handful
Jock's Inheritance
Joy Cometh in the Morning
Joyce and the Rambler
Laddie's Choice
Legend Led
Little Discoverers (The)
Little Listener (A)
Little Maid (A)
Little Miss Moth: the Story of Three Maidens Charity, Hope and Faith
Madcap Family (A); or, Sybil's Home
Making of a Woman (The)
Martin and Margot
Me and Nobbles
Mender (The)
Mimosa's Field
Miss Lavender's Boy and Other Sketches
Most Wondrful Story in the World: A Life of Christ for Little Children (The)
My Heart's in the Highlands
Noel's Christmas Tree
Number Twa!
Odd, also called "The Odd One"
Odd Made Even
Olive Tracy
Oliver and the Twins
On the Edge of a Moor
Probable Sons
Puzzling Pair (A)
Robin's Heritage
Rosebuds: Choice and Original Short Stories
Sea Between (The)
Some Builders; or, a Sure Foundation
Strange Courtship (A)
Teddy's Button
Terrie's Moorland Home
Thoughtless Seven (A)
Three Little Girls
Tomina in Retreat
Two Tramps
Under a Cloud
Us, and Our Charge
Us, and Our Donkey
Us, and Our Empire: a Sequel to Us and Our Donkey
What the Wind Did 
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