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Jonathan Edwards' Author Page

Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) was born in East Windsor, Connecticut. His father, Timothy Edwards,  was the minister at East Windsor. Jonathan was educated at Yale University, both in undergraduate and graduate studies. In 1727, he was ordained and became an assistant pastor with his grandfather, Rev. Solomon Stoddard, at the church in Northampton, Massachusetts. The same year he married Sarah Pierpont with whom he raised a large family. He became active in revivals and is said to be a stimulator of the "Great Awakening" along with George Whitefield. He became president of the College of New Jersey (Princeton) in 1758.
Curiosmith features:
Father – Rev. Timothy Edwards – Minister at East Windsor, Harvard educated.
Mother – Esther Stoddard, daughter of the minister Rev. Solomon Stoddard.
Sisters – Jonathan had 10 sisters and no brothers.
Jerusha – died young of diphtheria.
Lucy – died young of diphtheria.
Mary – remained single and was a caregiver to the family.
Hannah –  married Seth Wetmore.
Martha – married Rev. Moses Tuthill.
Esther – married Rev. Samuel Hopkins.
Eunice – married Rev. Simon Backus.
Abigail – married Rev. William Metcalf.
Elizabeth – married Jabez Huntington.
Anne – Married John Ellsworth.
Grandfather (mother's side) – Rev. Solomon Stoddard, a prestigious pastor at Northampton. Father of Esther. Solomon's grandmother was the sister of Governor Winthrop.
Grandfather (father's side) – Richard Edwards, in the merchant business.
Wife – Sarah Pierpont.
Children (eight daughters and three sons)
Sarah – married Elihu Parsons.
Jerusha – died at 17 after nursing David Brainerd.
Esther – married Rev. Aaron Burr. (parents of the vice-president Aaron Burr, Jr.)
Mary – married Timothy Dwight.
Lucy – married Mr. Jahleel Woodbridge.
Timothy – married Rhoda Ogden.
Susannah – married Mr. Eleazar Porter.
Eunice – married Mr. Thomas Pollock.
Jonathan Jr. – minister and college president. Married Sarah Porter.
Elizabeth – died young at 14.
Pierrepont – married Frances Ogden, whose daughter (Henrietta) married Eli Whitney (inventor of the cotton gin).