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Sunday Chaplet of Stories by A.L.O.E. (ePub)

Sunday Chaplet of Stories by A.L.O.E. (ePub)


Author A.L.O.E. (Charlotte Maria Tucker) taught children with a moral message in her stories. These thirty-one short stories have a Biblical theme and were published in “The Children’s Paper.” Some subjects included are temptation, caring for the lost, God’s grace, and the importance of the Bible.

ePub version, approx. 150 book pages.

Sample stories:
The Hymn My Mother Taught Me by A.L.O.E. Topic: Temptation
Edith and Her Ayah (nurse) by A.L.O.E. Topic: Salvation

CHARLOTTE MARIA TUCKER (1821–1883) was born in Barnet, England. Her father, Henry St. George Tucker, was chairman of the East India Company. Charlotte had many talents in music, drawing, writing and acting, but she was educated at home. Her earliest story is “The Claremont Tales,” which illustrates the Beatitudes and teaches the character of true Christianity. Her pen name became A.L.O.E. (A Lady of England). Her brothers moved to India, but she lived at No. 3 Upper Portland Place, her childhood home, for 49 years. She assisted her mother until her mother died in 1869. Financially successful and not having a parent to care for, she went to live with a brother and took up the study of Hindustani.  In 1875, she traveled to India and stayed for 18 years and carried on missionary work until her death. She wrote many children’s books and stories.


  1. The Hymn My Mother Taught Me(temptation)
  2. Are All Saved? (caring for the lost)
  3. The Fountain and The Cloud (need for God’s grace)
  4. The Soldier’s Child (importance of the Bible)
  5. Is This History Mine? (finding grace)
  6. Burning Bank-Notes (using time wisely)
  7. Edith and Her Ayah (Nurse) (salvation)
  8. On the Raft (trusting God)
  9. Stepping-Stones (help in trouble)
  10. What Do We Know of Heaven? (heaven)
  11. The Maelstrom (pleasing others)
  12. I Have a Home, a Happy Home! (home in heaven)
  13. Diamonds and Scorpions (importance of words)
  14. The Four Wishes (vain wishes)
  15. The Vase, the Book, and the Pearl (superiority to others)
  16. St. Paul’s Church Clock (regular prayers)
  17. The Little Light (God’s purposes shining)
  18. The Butterfly (death and resurrection)
  19. The Penitent (gambling)
  20. The Reproof (swearing)
  21. The Vase and The Dart (opportunity for doing good)
  22. The Jewel (a soul’s worth)
  23. The Storm (trials)
  24. The Sabbath-Tree (observing the Sabbath)
  25. The White Robe (treasure in heaven)
  26. The Fight (fighting sin)
  27. Crosses (life’s burdens)
  28. The Two Countries (telling the truth)
  29. Do You Love God? (loving God)
  30. The Imperfect Copy (imitating God)
  31. The Indian Convert (conversion)
  32. A Story of the Crimea (loving your enemies)

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