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A. L. O. E. (Charlotte Maria Tucker)

CHARLOTTE MARIA TUCKER (1821–1883) was born in Barnet, England. Her father, Henry St. George Tucker, was chairman of the East India Company. Henry was against girls going to school, so Charlotte was educated at home. Henry discouraged writing so nothing was published before his death. Charlotte was full of energy, vitality and was very generous. She was a deep thinker, seemingly always religious. She had talent in music, drawing, writing, acting and teaching. She lived at No. 3 Upper Portland Place, her childhood home, for 49 years. Her brothers moved to India, but she took care of her mother until she died in 1869. Afterwards, being financially successful and free of caring for her mother, she took up the study of Hindustani. In 1875, she felt a divine call and traveled to India for 18 years and carried on missionary work until her death. She continued to write stories in India.

A theme of her life was teaching: whether it was teaching Bible Classes in the Boys School in India, or teaching women in Indian Zenanas (segregated rooms for Indian women in the purdah system), or writing stories with an instructional purpose for English children or writing booklets especially for Indian children. Her pen name was A.L.O.E. (A Lady of England) which she kept even though she was "A Lady of India" for the last 18 years of her life. Early in her life, she wrote and acted in plays for home amusement. Her earliest story is "The Claremont Tales," illustrates the Beatitudes. Many stories were printed in "The Children's Paper." A popular story was "Rambles of a Rat" which is about household rodents talking of their adventures.

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Interesting facts:

  • The Duke of Wellington attended one of their parties.
  • Batala had aloe hedges which people made jokes about because it was the same name as the author ALOE.
  • In India, Miss Tucker lived a life of rigid simplicity with few belongings even though she could afford more.


  • Father – Henry St. George Tucker, (his middle name from an island in Bermuda where he was born.) He worked for East India Company 1786-1815; during 1815-1826 he lived in England; he was Director of the East India Company 1826-1851. He was also a writer.
  • Mother – Jane Boswell- married Henry in 1811.
  • Brother – Henry Carre Tucker, British civil servant in India. Commissioner at Benares. (1st )
  • Sister – Sibella Jane, married Rev. Frederick Hamilton. (2nd)
  • Sister – Frances Anne (3rd)
  • Brother – George William (died in infancy). (4th)
  • Brother – Robert Tudor Tucker – Died in the Indian Mutiny of 1857. (5th)
  • Herself – Charlotte Maria. (6th)
  • Brother – St. George, Mirzapore, India. (7th)
  • Sister – Dorothea Laura, married Otho Hamilton, Frederick's older brother. (8th)
  • Brother – William Tucker. (9th)
  • Brother – Charleton. (10th)
  • Sister – Clara. (11th)


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