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The Lost Children by T. S. Arthur

Charles Doe

 The Lost Children


"TELL us the story about the lost children, dear mother," said George, laying down his playthings and coming to his mother's side.

"Oh, yes, do, mother, please," added the little boy's sister; a bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked girl, just ten years old.

"I told you the story yesterday," replied the mother.

"I know you did," answered George. "But we want to hear it again. Tell it to us, dear mother, and we will be such good children!"

"There was once a little boy and girl," began the mother; "no older than you are, my children, who got lost in a thick, dark wood, in which were fierce wild beasts. They were brother and sister, and their names were Edward and Ellen. They were playing near their father's house one day, when Edward said, ‘Come, sister, let us go across the field into the woods yonder, and gather some pretty flowers for mamma.'

"Ellen was pleased at the thought of getting for her dear mamma a beautiful bunch of flowers, and so she said, ‘Oh, yes, brother, let us go.'

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