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Richard Marks

Richard Marks (1778–1847) was born in North Crawley, Buckinghamshire, England. In 1797 he joined the navy and was promoted to Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.  In 1810 he left the navy and attended Cambridge. In 1812, he was Curate of Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. In 1820, he was vicar of Great Missenden, Bucks, England for 24 years. He is known for his strong evangelical faith, both during and after the navy.

Curiosmith features:
Conversation in a Boat, between Two Seamenen
The Shipmates, an Evening Conversation

Richard Marks Booklist:
Conversation in a Boat, Between Two Seamen
Cottage Girl; an Interesting Account of Ann Edwards (The)
Danger and Duty; or, A Few Words on Popery, Puseyism and the Present State of the Times, in connexion with Truth, Righteousness, and Peace.
Dying Experience of Mary Ann. (The)
Evening Meditations
Familiar Questions, For the Junior Classes of Sabbath Schools.
Little Ann, an Interesting Narrative, In Three Letters to a Friend
Morning Meditations, or a Series of Reflections on Various Passages of Holy Scripture And Scriptural Poetry, For Every Day In The Year.
Ocean, Spiritually Reviewed, and Compared to Passing Scenes on the Land (The)
Pious Harriet, or The History of a Young and Devout Christian
Retrospect; or Review of Providential Mercies, with Anecdotes of Various Characters
Sailor's Monitor, or Harry Williams and His Shipmates. (The)
Sea Sermons; or, Plain Addresses intended for public worship on board merchant vessels, and for private use among seamen and plain people
Seaman’s Friend (The)
Shipmates, an Evening Conversation (The)
Smugglers (The)
Thatcher's Wife, or an Account of Mary Camps. (The)
The Devotional Testament, containing Reflections and Meditations on the different Paragraphs of the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; intended as a help for the Closet and for Domestic Worship.
Vice, Penitence, and Virtue, Exhibited in the Life and Conduct of Three Sunday School Girls
Village Church Yard, or Reflections on Death, Past Times, and a Future State. (The)
Village Observer, or an Attempt to Prove That Poor People May Be Happy (The)
Village Pastor (The)
Wreckers (The)