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Rev. James Milnor D. D.

Rev. James Milnor D. D. (1773-1845) was rector of St. Georges Church in New York. He was involved with many organizations such as the American Bible Society and the American Tract Society. He was of the highest character and well respected.

As part of Rev. James Milnor visit to England in 1830, he made a visit to the Isle of Wight. He was to verify the claims of Legh Richmond's tracts, for the American Tract Society, which publishes no narrative which is not substantial truth. The tracts "The Dairyman's Daughter," "The Young Cottager" and "The African Servant," he found to be authentic to his satisfaction.


Source and Further Reading:

Stone, John. A Memoir of the Life of James Milnor, D. D.. New York: American Tract Society, 1848.