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The Watchmaker and His Family by Caesar Malan

The Watchmaker and His Family by Caesar Malan


The watchmaker put in long hours, but suddenly stopped at midnight on Saturday. His observance of the Sabbath forbade him to continue. When a client wanted his watch fixed, his faith was tested, and he faced ridicule when a man wanted the work done on Sunday or he will go elsewhere. This true account is a great example of a Sabbath keeper maintaining his beliefs, and the blessing God gave as a result. The key concepts involved are Sabbath keeping and alcoholism.

American Tract Society description: This tract was translated from the French of Rev. Caesar Malan, of Geneva, for the Religious Tract Society, London, who have "sufficient evidence that they are founded on facts and essentially correct representations of what actually occurred.” An entertaining narrative, showing how scrupulously the Watchmaker observed the Sabbath when almost compelled to its violation; his exemplary Christian deportment in his family, with the history of his early life and conversion.

Paperback 4X6, 58 pages, 1 illustration, ISBN 9781941281925, Vintage Chapbook Series

Henri Abraham Caesar Malan (1787–1864), was born in Geneva, Switzerland and educated at Geneva College. He was ordained into ministry in 1810. He married the following year. But it wasn’t until 1814 that he received the truth of Jesus Christ, the message that he had been preaching. Henri preached against formalism of the church and spiritual apathy. In 1820 he built his own chapel to be separate from the National Church of Geneva. He received the Doctor of Divinity from the University of Glasgow in 1826. Besides books and tracts, he wrote hymns, both words and music. He was the father of Solomon Caesar Malan, an accomplished linguist.

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