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Henri Abraham Caesar Malan

Henri Abraham Caesar Malan (1787–1864), was born in Geneva, Switzerland and educated at Geneva College. He was ordained into ministry in 1810. He married the following year. But it wasn’t until 1814 that he received the truth of Jesus Christ, the message that he had been preaching. Henri preached against formalism of the church and spiritual apathy. In 1820 he built his own chapel to be separate from the National Church of Geneva. He received the Doctor of Divinity from the University of Glasgow in 1826. Besides books and tracts, he wrote hymns, both words and music. He was the father of Solomon Caesar Malan, an accomplished linguist.

Curiosmith features:
The Swiss Peasant. 
(Online in entirety)
The Watchmaker and His Family.
The Two Old Men, or What Makes Them Differ?

Books Caesar Malan wrote:
Add to your Faith Knowledge
Ajoutre a votre Foi la Science
Biblical Anecdotes
Braves et Honnetes Petites Garcons (Les)
Cantiques Chretiens, dedies aux Familles Pieuses: Paroles et Musique. Troisieme Recueil
Chemin du Bonheur (Le)
Children of Light and Children of Darkness
Conventicle of Rolle
Conversion of the Atheist (The)
Corn Gathered on the Highway
De L’assurance de Foi
Dead Burying their Dead (The)
Deux Vieillards (Les)
Ditto Ditto
Duty of Contributing to the Work of Foreign Missions (The)
Eldest Son (The)
Fox Hunter (The)
Friend of Youth (The)
Genevese Boys
Germain la Bucheron
Germain the Woodcutter
Gleanings by the Wayside
God Ordains that Children in the Church of Christ should be Consecrated to Him by the Seal of Baptism
Good Bargain (The)
Good Boys
Half Penny Well Employed (The)
Heathen at Our Door (The)
Home Missions
Hymns - many
Idle Dick
Image Venders
Infidel Convinced by a Child
L’Ecole du Val d’Amont
L’Impie cessant de l’etre
Little Christian
Momiers (The)
Mort du Fils Aine (La)
Mountain Peasant
My Grandfather Gregory
My Grandmother Gilbert
New Bartimaeus (The)
Notes of Sermons Preached by Dr. Malan in Edinburgh
Nouveau Bartimee (Le); Fait Entierement Historique
Nouveaux Cantiques Chretiens, pour les Assemblees des Enfans de Dieu.
Pauvre Horloger de Geneve (Le)
Petits Marchands (Le)
Philosopher (The); or The Folly of Human Wisdom
Recueil de Cent Cantiques Chretiens
School of Val d’Amont
Sou Bien-employe (Le)
Stories from Switzerland; with Many Cuts
Sunday-School Child
Swiss Mountaineer (The)
Swiss Peasant (The)
Sword of the Spirit (The)
Theogenes; or A Plain and Scriptural Answer to the Solemn Question, Am I or Am I Not a Child of God?
Traites Suisses
True Friend of the Young
Truly Catholic Protestant (The)
Two Old Men (The)
Two Wishes
Valaisanne (La)
Veritable Ami des Enfans, et des Jeunes Gens (Le)
Village School (The)
Voiturier Lagrange (La)
Watchmaker and His Family (The)
Weathercock (The); or, The Difference Between Faith and Sight
What God Keeps is Well Kept
Witness for the Truth
Woodman of Switzerland (The)Young Plaster Figure Venders (The)