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The Child's Book on Repentance: Designed Also for Older Persons by Thomas H. Gallaudet

The Child's Book on Repentance: Designed Also for Older Persons by Thomas H. Gallaudet


“The book was written to be studied, and reviewed and recited by children of a suitable age, to establish in their minds correct and abiding views of one of the fundamental doctrines of the Gospel.” Written in the format of a mother’s conversation with her children, the topics include different kinds of sorrow, what is sin, selfishness, and free agency. Many examples are given of false repentance and its forms. True repentance requires one to discern motivations, and to adopt the right understanding. Repentance “will be of no use unless it proceeds from a heart-felt sorrow for your sins, as committed against a wise, holy, just and good God. It will be of no use, unless you feel also a sincere reliance on Jesus Christ as your only Savior. It will be of no use, if it is made in your own strength.” The title page states that the book was written for children, but mentions it is “designed also for older persons.”

Paperback 6X9, 124 pages, ISBN 9781941281789

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (1787–1851) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was educated at Yale University and Andover Theological Seminary. He was a preacher and instructor. He became interested in the deaf and dumb when he saw that a neighborhood girl, Alice Cogswell, was having trouble playing with other children. She was deaf and dumb and he began to work with her extensively. She was the first student to enroll in what later became The American School for the Deaf and Dumb, founded in 1817 by T. H. Gallaudet. Another student at the school, Sophia Fowler, became his wife in 1821. He was the principal at the school until 1830, when he resigned and wrote children’s books. Also he was a chaplain for the insane asylum and minister at the Hartford county jail. Later his son, Edward, founded a deaf and blind school, Gallaudet University, which was named after him.

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