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Sarah Doudney: Selected Poems and Hymns

Sarah Doudney: Selected Poems and Hymns


Look Inside: Sarah Doudney: Selected Poems and Hymns - Table of Contents - First Chapter

This collection contains all 51 poems from Sarah Doudney’s “Psalms of Life” together with 115 poems and hymn lyrics never before collected from nineteenth century periodicals such as “The Sunday Magazine,” “Good Words Magazine,” “Littell’s Living Age” and others. Included are all her poems that have become favorites: “The Lesson of the Water-Mill,” a very popular poem; “The Christian's Goodnight,” sung at Charles Spurgeon’s funeral; “The Hardest Time of All,” an often quoted poem; “Between the Lights,” reflections between the sunset and moonrise, and “Some Words,” about the power of words. R. H. Barnes wrote in the Preface: “The highest aspiration of the writer will, I know, be attained, if any words of hers shall minister comfort to the sorrowing, hope to the downcast, and strength to the weary.”

Paperback 6X9, 256 pages, ISBN 9781946145246

SARAH DOUDNEY (1841–1926) was born in Portsmouth, England. Her family ran a large candle/soap business. The household had a strong protestant ethic.  She grew up in rural areas and went to Madame Dowell’s College. Unencumbered with a husband or family she wrote abundantly, starting from an early age, novels, poetry, hymns and stories. She wrote the hymn, “Sleep on Beloved,” sung at Charles Spurgeon’s funeral.


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