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Sarah Doudney

SARAH DOUDNEY (1841–1926) was born in Portsmouth, England. Her family ran a large candle/soap business. The household had a strong protestant ethic.  She grew up in rural areas and went to Madame Dowell’s College. Unencumbered with a husband or family she wrote abundantly, starting from an early age, novels, poetry, hymns and stories. She wrote the hymn, “Sleep on Beloved,” sung at Charles Spurgeon’s funeral.

Curiosmith features:
Sarah Doudney: Selected Poems and Hymns.
Archie's Old Desk.

  • Sarah Doudney Booklist:
    Angels of Christmas (The)
    Anna Cavaye; or, the Ugly Princess
    Archie's Old Desk
    Beautiful Island (The) (w others)
    Bitter and Sweet
    Brave Seth: A Religious Tale
    Child of the Precinct (A)
    Christmas Angels
    Cluster of Roses (A)
    Cottage in the Woods (The), and Other Tales
    Drifting Leaves [poems]
    Echoes from a Sanctuary
    Faith Harrowby; or, the Smugglers' Cave
    Faith's Revenge
    Family Difficulty (The): The Story of a Young Samaritan
    Godiva Durleigh: A Novel for Girls
    Great Salterns (The)
    Hearts Desire: A Story of Girls Lives
    Janet Darney. A tale of fisher-life in Thale Bay.
    Katherine's Keys: A Tale
    Lady Dye's Reparation
    Long Lane With a Turning (A)
    Loser and Gainer
    Louie's Married Life
    Love-Dream of Gatty Fenning (The)
    Marion's Three Crowns
    Michaelmas Daisy: A Young Girl’s Story
    Miss Irving's Bible
    Miss Stepney's Fortune
    Miss Willowburn's Offer
    Missing Rubies (The)
    Monksbury College
    Nelly Channel
    Nothing but Leaves
    Old Anthony's Secret
    Oliver's Oath and How he Kept it
    One of the Few
    Pilgrims of the Night
    Pilot's Daughters (The)
    Prudence Winterburn
    Psalms of Life
    Romance of Lincoln's Inn (A)
    Scarlet Satin Petticoat (The)
    Self-Pleasing: A New Year’s Address to Senior Scholars
    Shadow and Shine
    Silent Strings
    Son of the Morning (A)
    Stepping Stones: A Story of Our Inner Life
    Stories of Girlhood; or, the Brook and the River
    Story of Crossport (A), and Other Stories
    Strangers Yet
    Strength of Her Youth (The)
    Through Pain to Peace: A Novel
    Thy Heart's Desire - a story of Girls' Lives
    Under False Colours
    Under Gray Walls
    Until Seventy Times Seven
    Vanished Hand (A)
    Vicar of Redcross (The); or, Till Death Us Do Part
    Violets for Faithfulness [in verse]
    Voices in the Starlight [poem book]
    Wave Upon Wave
    What's in a Name?
    When my Ship Comes Home
    When We Two Parted
    When We Were Girls Together
    Where the Dew Falls in London - a Story of a Sanctuary
    Where Two Ways Meet: A Novel
    While it is Day - A New Year's Address to Senior Scholars
    Who is the Enemy? and How He Was Discovered
    Woman's Glory (A)