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Nobody Cares by Crona Temple

Nobody Cares by Crona Temple


The children had a festive day at school, but Rhoda was alone and nobody cared about her. A man addressed the classroom one day: "We are placed here in the world for a purpose, and, little and mean as we are, it is a grand purpose too! We are placed here to do God's will." When Rhoda became a Christian her new life sparked questions in the lives of others. Rhoda became a good nurse, and the girl nobody cared for became a good caregiver. This book also contains the story of "Cousin Lily." Margaret Leslie had a cousin named Lily who came from India because of sickness, but Margaret refused to care for her and she got worse. The moral of the story is about Margaret's change of heart.

Paperback 6X9, 110 pages, 1 illustration. ISBN  9781941281413

Clara Lavinia Corfield (1846-1916) was born in Broughton, Hampshire, England. Her parents were Rev. Frederick Corfield and Sarah Weller Channer. Rev. Corfield was Rector of Templecrone, Ireland for most of Clara’s childhood. It is assumed her pen name, Crona Temple, came from this town she grew up in. She devoted her life to writing books.

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