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Corna Temple

Clara Lavinia Corfield (1846-1916) was born in Broughton, Hampshire, England. Her parents were Rev. Frederick Corfield and Sarah Weller Channer. Rev. Corfield was Rector of Templecrone, Ireland for most of Clara’s childhood. It is assumed her pen name, Crona Temple, came from this town she grew up in. She devoted her life to writing books.

Curiosmith features:
Nobody Cares.

Corona Temple book list:
About the Feathered Folk
Another’s Burden
As Between Man and Man
Be Courteous
Bound with a Chain
Cellar of Mademoiselle (The), A Story of the Normandy Coast
Diana Rosenburgh: A story of Cornwall
Dick’s Water Lilies
Etta's Fairies: A Little Story for Little Folks
Ferryman’s Boy (The)
Gershom: the Miner
Glorious Return, A Story of the Vaudois in 1689
Her Father’s Inheritance
John Denton’s Friends
Knighted by the Admiral, or the Days of the Great Armada
Kristy’s Prince, A Story of Holyrood
Lady Rose
Last House in London (The)
Least of These (The)
Life at Hill Farm
Little Miss Rosenburgh: A Story of Cronwall
Little Wavie, the Foundling of Glenderg
Martin Wray's Easter: A Tract for Easter-tide
Millicent’s Home
Nelly's Fasting
Nobody Cares
Old Endeavor (The)
Out of the Shadows
Pillars of Success (The)
Princess Louise, A tale of the Stuarts
Royal Captives
Sea Larks, A Tale of the Hebrides
Seed to the Sower
Story of Two Islands (The)
Through the Rough Wind
True-hearted, a Book for Girls
Valley of Diamonds (A)
Well Dressing: A Tale for Ascension Day
Wider World (A)
With Hooks of Steel
With Swallows Wings