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Hymns and Poems by A.L.O.E.

Hymns and Poems by A.L.O.E. (PDF)


ALOE wrote hymns for specific groups of people, specific occupations, and some longer poems on spiritual subjects. From the preface: “To admit rhymes for ragged children, needlewomen, and paupers into a book of sacred song, may—in the opinion of some critics—deprive it of all claim to the name of poetry. Yet I venture to hope that those who love to labor in God’s vineyard, will not be sorry to bear to their poorer brethren verses intended to meet their peculiar trials, and cheer them under their peculiar sorrows; while the subjects of many of the hymns are such as are of equal interest to the prince as to the peasant.” These hymns are written as poetry.

PDF Download, 104 pages.

By A.L.O.E. - Charlotte Maria Tucker

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