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A Treatise on Self-Knowldge by John Mason

A Treatise on Self-Knowledge by John Mason


John Mason states: “Self-Knowledge is the subject of this Treatise; a subject which, the more we think of it, the more important and extensive it appears: so important, indeed, that every branch of it seems absolutely necessary to the right government of the life and temper.” This concept is woven into of many spiritual pursuits like relationships, knowing and using talents, knowing weaknesses, confessing pride, temptations to avoid, thinking on the excellent, examining yourselves, proving your own work, and dealing with peaceful prosperity and adverse provocation. “Self-Knowledge,” John Mason’s most notable work, inspires thinking on this often disregarded subject. This edition contains the quotations and the study questions that were found in some earlier editions.

Complete Title: A Treatise on Self-Knowledge Showing the Nature and Benefit of that Important Science, and the Way to Attain It: Intermixed with Various Reflections and Observations on Human Nature.

Paperback 6X9; 190 pages, ISBN 9781941281703

JOHN MASON (1706–1763) was born at Dunmow, Essex, England. His father was a minister, writer and hymn writer. John Mason studied under John Jennings at a seminary at Kibworth in Leicestershire about 1719. It is thought he received his M.A. degree at Edinburgh University. He began his pastorate at Presbyterian Church at Dorking, Surrey in 1729. He pastored Carbuckle Street Church in Cheshunt, Herfordshire in 1746. He also educated gentlemen for the ministry. His most important work is “The Treatise on Self Knowledge.”

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