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John Mason

JOHN MASON (1706–1763) was born at Dunmow, Essex, England. His father was a minister, writer and hymn writer. John Mason studied under John Jennings at a seminary at Kibworth in Leicestershire about 1719. It is thought he received his M.A. degree at Edinburgh University. He began his pastorate at Presbyterian Church at Dorking, Surrey in 1729. He pastored Carbuckle Street Church in Cheshunt, Herfordshire in 1746. He also educated gentlemen for the ministry. His most important work is “The Treatise on Self Knowledge.”

Curiosmith features:
A Treatise on Self-Knowledge

John Mason booklist:
Christian Morals.
Essay on Elocution. (An)
Essay on the Power of Numbers, and the Principles of Harmony in Poetical Composition. (An)
Essay on the Power and Harmony of Prosaic Numbers. (An)
Fifteen Discourses, Devotional and Practical.
Letter to a Friend on his Entrance on the Ministerial Office. (A)
Lord's-Day Evening Entertainments (The): 52 Practical Discourses.
Plain and Modest Plea for Christianity (A); or, A Sober and Rational Appeal to Infidels.
Self-Knowledge: A Treatise.
Student and Pastor. (The)
Subjection to Higher Powers
Tears of the Dying annihilated by the Hope of Heaven, a Dialogue. (The)