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William Mason

William Mason (1719–1791) was born at Rotherhithe, Surrey, England. Initially he continued in his father’s clock making business, but in 1740, his father died and he married Miss Cox. He attended church constantly at a Wesleyan church and but being dissatisfied attended a Whitefield church. His gift of writing soon became apparent and he wrote different publications and books. In 1777, he succeeded the Rev. A. M. Toplady as the editor of The Gospel Magazine, which he conducted for several years, and in which he first published his "Notes on Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress." He was long known as a Justice of the Peace, and, in 1783, was appointed an acting Magistrate. His principal work, by which he is best known, is "A Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God."

Curiosmith features:
Crumbs from the Master's Table.

William Mason booklist:

  1. The Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God; being a Mediation for each Day in the Year upon select Texts of Scripture.
  2. The Believer's Pocket Companion; or, One Thing Needful to make poor Sinners rich, and miserable Sinners happy.
  3. Christian's Companion for the Sabbath, selected for the Family or Closet.
  4. Christian Communicant; or, Companion to the Lord's Supper.
  5. Free Grace Truths; or, Gospel Comfort for Doubting Minds.
  6. Crumbs from the Master's Table; or, Select Sentences of Divinity.
  7. Axe laid to the Root.
  8. Methodism Displayed, and Enthusiasm Detected.
  9. The Signs of the Times, addressed to Christians in general.
  10. Antinomian Heresy exploded.
  11. Gospel Duty to Gospel Ministers.
  12. Dialogue between a Churchman and one who is called a Methodist, in two Parts, etc.