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Theodore Cuyler

THEODORE LEDYARD CUYLER (1822-1909) was born at Aurora, N. Y. He attended Princeton Theological Seminary and received his doctorate. He pastored the Third Presbyterian Church in Trenton, N. J.; the Market Street (Reformed Dutch) Church N. Y.; and The Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, N.Y. He drew together one of the largest congregations in the country at that time and was acquainted with many famous people. He wrote thousands of articles for the religious press and many books of general interest.

Curiosmith features:
Help and Good Cheer.
Wayside Springs from the Fountain of Life.

  • Books include:
    1. Beulah-land; or, Words of Cheer for Christian Pilgrims
    2. Buoying the Channel; or, True and False Lights on Temperance
    3. Campaigning for Christ
    4. Cedar Christian (The)
    5. Christianity in the Home
    6. Dark Clouds
    7. Empty Crib
    8. From the Nile to Norway and Homeward
    9. God’s Light on Dark Clouds: Words of Sympathy and Cheer
    10. Heart-life
    11. Heart-culture
    12. Heart-thoughts
    13. Help and Good Cheer
    14. How To Be a Pastor
    15. Just What to Do
    16. Model Christian (A)
    17. Mountain Tops with Jesus: Calls to a Higher Life
    18. Newly Enlisted: A Series of talks with Young Converts
    19. Our Christmas Tides
    20. Pointed Papers for the Christian Life
    21. Recollections of a Long Life: An Autobiography by Theodore L. Cuyler
    22. Stirring the Eagle’s Nest
    23. Stray Arrows
    24. Thought-hives
    25. Thoughts for Heart and Life (reissue of others)
    26. Twenty Two Talks on Everyday Religion
    27. Wayside Springs from the Fountain of Life
    28. Well-built: Plain Talks to Young People
    29. Young Preacher (The)