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Samuel Newell

Samuel Newell (1784–1821) was born in Durham, Maine. He graduated from Harvard College in 1807, and from Andover Theological Seminary in 1810, where he met Judson and Nott. In February 1812, he married Harriet Atwood, after a two year engagement. The Newells and the Judsons sailed for Calcutta, India on the ship Caravan in February 1812. They were summoned and ordered to leave India so Samuel and Harriet took a ship to Mauritius. Their child died and was buried at sea and Harriet died shortly after on Mauritius Island. He then spent a year at Ceylon and then in 1814 went to the Bombay Mission with Gordon Hall and Samuel Nott. He married again to Philmela Thurston in 1818, and had three children. Newell eventually died of Cholera.

See Memoirs of Mrs. Harriet Newell.

Samuel Newell's book:

  • The Conversion of the World, or the Claims of the Six Hundred Millions, and the Ability and Duty of the Churches. (with Gordon Hall)