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Leonard Woods

Leonard Woods (1774–1854) was born in Princeton, Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard Divinity College in 1796. He was pastor at Congregational church in West Newbury, MA., in 1798. He was a professor of Christian Theology at Andover Theological Seminary for 38 years. He believed in orthodox Calvinism. He helped establish the American Tract Society, the Temperance Society, and American Board for Foreign Missions.


Curiosmith features:
Memoirs of Mrs. Harriet Newell. (Sermon and Appendix)

Leonard Woods booklist:

  • Collected works, containing lectures, essays, sermons, and reviews (5 vols., Andover, 1849-'50).
  • Examination of the Doctrine of Perfection.
  • History of Andover Seminary.
  • Lectures on Church Government.
  • Lectures on Infant Baptism.
  • Lectures on Swedenborgianism.
  • Lectures on the Inspiration of the Scriptures.
  • Letters of Rev. N.W. Taylor.
  • Letters to Unitarians.
  • Memoirs of American Missionaries.
  • Reply to Dr. Ware.
  • Reply to Mahan.