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James M'Gregor Bertram

Missionary James M‘Gregor Bertram (1806– ) was born at Southfield, Scotland. He left England with the intention of ministering at The Cape of Good Hope but soon learned of a dire need on the island of St. Helena. On Monday July 14, 1845 he arrived at St. Helena Island on the ship Velox, and found only four or five Christians on the whole island. He started a Baptist church and many came to know Christ.

Curiosmith features: St. Helena and the Cape of Good Hope: Incidents in the Missionary Life of the Rev. James M'Gregor Bertram. (Kindle) This edition contains a description of the death and burial of Adoniram Judson’s second wife Sarah B. on the Island of St. Helena.

Timeline of events in James Bertrams’s life:

1806 born in Southfield, Scotland.
1833 – James Bertram became a Christian.
1835 – associated with Robert Aitkin.
1836 – moved to Hanley and then Doncaster.
1838 – appointed to minister at Stockport.
1839 – appointed to Bristol and became a Baptist.
1844 – married Mary Curry.
1844 – November, sailed for the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.
1845 – April, sailed to Saldanha Bay, South Africa.
1845 July 14, arrived at the island of St. Helena.
1845 – Adoniram Judson arrived with his ill wife Sarah. B.
1850 – July, arrived at Boston seeking funds for mission chapels.
1851 – June, traveled to England.
1851 – August, traveled to New York City.
1854 – founded a Baptist church on the island of St. Helena.