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George B. Cheever

George Barrell Cheever (1807–1890) was born at Hallowell, Maine. He was educated at Bowdoin College and Andover Seminary. He served at Howard Street Congregational Church, Salem, in 1833; Allen Street Presbyterian Church, New York City in 1839; and from 1846 until he retired in 1870 he was pastor of the Church of the Puritans in New York. He was involved in the issues of his day such as capital punishment, temperance, and abolition.

Curiosmith features: St. Helena and the Cape of Good Hope: Incidents in the Missionary Life of the Rev. James M'Gregor Bertram. (Kindle) (Cheever wrote the Introduction)

Booklist for George Cheever:

  • Defence of Capital Punishment. (A)
  • God against Slavery, and the Freedom and Duty of the Pulpit to rebuke it, as a Sin against God.
  • God against Slavery; and the Freedom and Duty of the Pulpit to rebuke it as a Sin against God,
  • Hill Difficulty, and some Experiences of Life in the Plains of Ease. With other Miscellanies. (The) (Part 1. Allegorical and Imaginative. Part 2. Descriptive and Meditative. Part 3. Critical and Speculative.)
  • Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth in 1620. (The)
  • Lectures on the Pilgrim's Progress.
  • Life and Trials of a Youthful Christian in pursuit of Health, as developed in the Biography of Nathaniel Cheever, M.D., (The)
  • Powers of the World to Come, and the Church’s Stewardshi as invested with them. (The)
  • Punishment by Death; its authority and expediency
  • Right of the Bible in our Public Schools,
  • Voices of Nature to her Foster-child, the Soul of Man; a series of Analogies between the Natural and the Spiritual World.
  • Wanderings of a Pilgrim in the Alps. Part I. In the Shadow of Mont Blanc. Part II. In the Shadow of the Jungfrau Alps,
  • Windings of the River of the Water of Life in the Development, Discipline, and Fruits of Faith.

Booklist from:
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