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Emily C. Judson

Emily Chubbuck (1817-1854) was born at Eaton (Morrisville), New York. Her family was poor so she was a teacher and started writing for small publications. In 1846 she published “Alderbrook Tales”, one of her most popular publications. She wrote for New York Mirror, The Columbian, and Graham’s Magazine. Her pen name was Fanny Forester. Adoniram Judson needed an author to publish a biography of his late wife Sarah, and Emily accepted. Emily married Adoniram Judson soon after. They returned to Burma to carry on the missionary work. After Adoniram’s death she came back to the United States and continued writing.

Curiosmith features:
Memoir of Sarah B. Judson of the American Mission to Burmah.

Emily Judson Booklist:

  • Alderbrook: a collection of Fanny Forester's village sketches, poems, etc
  • Allen Lucas; the self-made man
  • An Olio of Domestic Verses (1852)
  • Anna Bailey, Or, The Second Commandment Illustrated
  • Charles Lynne, or How to Observe the Golden Rule (1841)
  • Effie Maurice: Or What do I Love Best by Fanny Forester
  • Memoir of Mrs. Sarah B. Judson (1850)
  • My Two Sisters: A Sketch from Memory
  • Tales for all seasons by (Emily Chubbuck)
  • The Great Secret; Or, How to be Happy By Emily Chubbuck Judson
  • The Kathayan slave, and other papers connected with missionary life
  • Trippings in Author-land by Emily Chubbuck Judson