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Elizabeth Wooster Stuart Phelps

Also called H. Trusta, which is an anagram of Stuart.

Elizabeth Wooster Stuart Phelps (1815–1852) was born in Andover, Massachusetts. Her mother’s family line traces back to Governor John Winthrop, the Puritan leader. Her father, Moses Stuart, was a minister and professor at Andover Theological Seminary. She was educated at Mount Vernon School and lived with and was taught writing by Jacob Abbott. She created stories to tell her sisters and published ten books and many anonymous works. She sometimes used the pen name of H. Trusta (an anagram of Stuart). She struggled with God’s view of the usefulness of art, because she loved painting. She suffered a cerebral disease for 20 years, which was made an instrument of mental and religious growth. She married Austin Phelps, a Congregational minister and professor at Andover, in 1842. After her death, her daughter, Mary Gray, took her name, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, as a pseudonym, who later became Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward after marrying.

Curiosmith features:

Father—Moses Stuart D.D. (1780-1852), Professor at Andover Theological Seminary, author, wrote commentaries on books of the Bible.
Mother—Abigail Clark (1783-1855). She is said to have descended from the Winthrop family.
Sister—Sarah Stuart Robbins, author, Win and Wear Series, married Prof. R. D. C Robbins.
Sister—Mary Stuart (1822-1856) - Austin Phelps second wife.
Sister—Abby Stuart, married Rev. George H. Anthony.
Brother—Professor Isaac Stuart, author.
Brother—James Clark Stuart – Physician.
Brother—Moses Stuart, died young after college.
Husband—Austin Phelps – Professor at Andover Theological Seminary.
Daughter—Mary Gray, author, renamed Elizabeth Stuart Phelps after her mother died. Became Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward after she married Herbert Dickinson Ward, a journalist.
Son—Moses Stuart

Harriet Newell Woods Baker (Harriet Baker), author of over 200 Sunday school books. Married Rev. Abijah R. Baker, D. D.
Leonard Woods—Harriet’s father, professor at Andover Theological Seminary. Married Abigail Wheeler.
Jacob Abbott – author, writer of Rollo books, Lucy books and many others. Instructor at Mount Vernon School. Elizabeth lived with for two years.