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David Brainerd

David Brainerd (1718-1747) was born at Haddam, Connecticut Colony. He began his education at Yale in 1739, but was absent much of his freshmen year with health problems. When a junior he was dismissed for extreme religious fervor, because he had disrespected the faculty of Yale. Afterwards he simply obtained a license to preach. He was a missionary to natives a Kaunameek, the Indians at the Forks of the Delaware River and the Indian Church at Crossweeksung. He contracted consumption and had to stop work in 1746. He died at the home of Jonathan Edwards.

Curiosmith features:

Meditations and Spiritual Experiences (Preface)


  • Mirabilia Dei inter Indicos, or The rise and progress of a remarkable work of grace amongst a number of the Indians in the provinces of New-Jersey and Pennsylvania, justly represented in a journal kept by order of the Honourable Society (in Scotland) for Propagating Christian Knowledge: With some general remarks. (Journal 1)
  • Divine Grace Displayed; or, The Continuance and Progress of a Remarkable Work of Grace, Among Some of the Indians, belonging to the Provinces of New-Jersey and Pensylvania, justly represented in a Journal kept by order of the Honourable Society (in Scotland) for propagating Christian Knowledge. With some general remarks: to which is subjoined an Appendix, containing some account of sundry things, especially of the difficulties attending the work of a missionary among the Indians. (Journal 2)