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Bible Institute Colportage Association

Colporteur or Colporter—one who travels about selling and distributing religious tracts and books. See the "What is a Colporter" page.

The Bible Institute Colportage Association (BICA) was founded in 1894, by Dwight L. Moody, to publish and distribute inexpensive Christian books. He had help from his brother-in-law, Fleming H. Revell who was an established publisher. BICA was formally incorporated in October, 1899. In 1941, the name changed to Moody Publishers.

From The Institute Tie Magazine, 1906:

The purpose of The Bible Institute Colportage Association:

  1. To produce good literature at a price within reach of all.
  2. To carry the Gospel, by means of the printed page, where church privileges are wanting or not embraced.
  3. To supply suitable religious reading for distribution among all classes, young and old.
  4. To provide a profitable means of employment.

This library is described as:

"A series of books by well-known Christian authors published by THE BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE ASSOCIATION of Chicago (D. L. MOODY, founder), undenominational, thoroughly evangelical, for all classes of readers. The series is uniformly 16 mo., contains about 125 pages per volume, and is printed on good paper in large, clear type. Each book is bound in attractive colored paper covers. The Library includes addresses, sermons, stories, short sketches, biography and poetry. Price: I5c each; eight for $1.00; twenty-five or more, ordered at one and the same time, at the rate of twenty-five for $250." 

The Bible Institute Colportage Association books republished by Curiosmith:

According to Promise by Charles H. Spurgeon.

The Crew of the Dolphin by Hesba Stretton.

The Bible Instiute Coloportage Booklist:

  • Absolute Surrender. Murray.
  • According to Promise. Spurgeon.
  • All of Grace. Spurgeon.
  • Alone in London. Stretton.
  • And Peter. Chapman.
  • Answers to Prayer from George Maier's
  • Narratives. Compiled by A. E. C. Brooks.
  • Back to Bethel. Meyer.
  • Bible Characters. Moody.
  • Bible Stories for Children. Swedish only.
  • Calvary's Cross. Moody, Spurgeon and others.
  • Carey, William, Life of. Farwell.
  • Castaway. Meyer.
  • Children of the Bible.
  • Christie's Old Organ. Walton.
  • Christie, the King's Servant. Walton.
  • Crew of the Dolphin. Stretton.
  • Drummond's Addresses.
  • Duff, Alexander, Life of. Vermilye.
  • Empty Tomb. Spurgeon. MacLaren, Moody and others.
  • Faith. Moody, MacLaren and others.
  • Fifty Temperance Tales.
  • Good News. Boyd.
  • Good Shepherd. Life of Christ for Children.
  • Good Tidings. Parker. McNeill and others.
  • Gospel Pictures and Story Sermons. Whittle.
  • Great Appeal. McClure.
  • Heaven. Moody.
  • Heaven on Earth. Dixon.
  • Home Duties. Cross.
  • How to Pray. Torrey.
  • Jessica's First Prayer and Jessica's Mother. Stretton.
  • John Ploughman's Pictures. Spurgeon.
  • John Ploughman's Talk. Spurgeon.
  • Judson. Adoniram. Life of. Johnston.
  • Kadesh-Barnea. Chapman.
  • Kept for the Master's Use. Havergal.
  • Life, Shorter, of D. L. Moody. P. D.
  • Moody and A. P. Fitt.
  • Life of David, for children.
  • Life, Warfare, and Victory. Whittle.
  • Light on Life's Duties. Meyer.
  • Little King Davie. Hellis.
  • Livingstone, David, Life of. Worcester.
  • Lost Crown. Chapman.
  • Madagascar and Her Missions. Campbell.
  • Martyn, Henry, and Mills, Samuel, Life of. Rhea.
  • Meet for the Master's Use. Meyer.
  • Men of the Bible. Moody.
  • Mirage of Lite. Miller.
  • Missionary Penny. L. C. W.
  • Moffat, Robert. Life of. Wilder
  • Moody's Anecdotes.
  • Moody's Latest Sermons.
  • Moody's Stories.
  • Mothers of the Bible. Leach.
  • Naamaa the Syrian. Mackay.
  • Nobody Loves Me. Walton.
  • Our Bible. Leach and Torrey.
  • Overcoming Life. Moody.
  • Parables from Nature. Catty.
  • Peep Behind the Scenes. Walton.
  • Pilgrim's Progress. Bunyan.
  • Pleasure and Profit In Bible Study. Moody.
  • Point and Purpose in Story and Saying.
  • Popular Amusements and the Christian Life. Sinks.
  • Possibilities. McClure.
  • Power of Pentecost. Waugh.
  • Prevailing Prayer. Moody.
  • Probable Sons. LeFeuvre.
  • Prodigal. Talmage, Spurgeon, Moody and others.
  • Revival of a Dead Church. Broughton.
  • Robbers' Cave. A. L. 0. E.
  • Royal Exile. Talmage.
  • School of Obedience. Murray.
  • Second Coming of Christ. Moody, Ryle,
  • Spurgeon and others.
  • Secret of Guidance. Meyer.
  • Secret Power. Moody.
  • Selections from Spurgeon.
  • Select Northfield Sermons. Cuyler,Murray.Gordon and others
  • Select Poems.
  • Select Sermons. Moody.
  • Short Talks. Moody.
  • Sovereign Grace. Moody.
  • Sowing and Reaping. Moody.
  • Spirit-Filled Life. MacNeil.
  • Sundry Talks to the Young. Mee.
  • Tales of Adventure from the Old Book. Champness.
  • Ten Commandments. Morgan.
  • Thoughts for the Quiet Hour. Moody.
  • To the Work. Moody.
  • True Estimate of Life. Morgan.
  • Up from Sin. Broughton.
  • Way Home. Moody.
  • Way of Life. McNeill, Moody and others.
  • Way to God. Moody.
  • Weighed and Wanting. Moody.
  • What is "Maranatha"? Gillings.
  • Whiter than Snow and Little Dot. Walton.
  • Women and the Gospel in Persia. Laurie.