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Andrew Fuller

ANDREW FULLER (1754–1815) was born in Wicken, Cambridgeshire, England. He was of Puritan descent and had a Christian upbringing. He grew up doing farm work, had no formal education, and was involved in many immoral activities. At age 16 he turned toward God and was baptized and joined the Baptist Church at Soham. When the speaker of the church meeting sprained his ankle Andrew was asked to read and “if he found liberty to drop any remarks.” God’s gifting was evident and years later (1774) he filled a ministry vacancy at Soham. The small congregation at Soham gave him opportunity to educate himself by reading books. Invitations from Kettering came and in 1782 he moved to the church in Kettering, Northamptonshire. He helped found the Baptist Missionary Society in 1792 with the shoemaker William Carey, and the zealous minister Samuel Pearce. He also had the advantage of relationships with John Newton, Thomas Scott and Legh Richmond.

Curiosmith features:
The Backslider.

Andrew Fuller Booklist:
Answers to Queries.
Apology for the Late Christian Missions to India. (An) (3 parts.)
Backslider (The), An Inquiry into the Nature, Symptoms, and Effects of Religious Declension, with the Means of Recovery, with Pref. by the Rev. J. A. James.
Calvinistic and Socinian Systems Examined and Compared As to Their Moral Tendency. (The)
Circular Letters.
Dialogues, Letters, and Essays on Various Subjects.
Essays on Truth.
Essays, Letters on Ecclesiastical Polity.
Exposition of Passages Relating to the Conversion of the Jews.
Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount.
Expository Discourses on Genesis. (2 vol)
Expository Discourses on the Apocalypse.
Expository Notes on Various Passages.
Fugitive Pieces.
Gospel its own Witness (The), or the Holy Nature and Divine Harmony of the Christian Religion contrasted with the Immorality and Absurdity of Deism.
Gospel of Christ Worthy of All Acceptation; or, the Obligations of Men fully to Credit and Cordially to Approve Whatever God Makes Known. (The)
Harmony of Scripture; or, an attempt to reconcile various Passages apparently contradictory. (The)
Letters on Systematic Divinity
Memoirs of Rev. Samuel Pearce, A.M., of Birmingham.
Miscellaneous Tracts, Essays and Letters.
Reviews of books.
Sermons on various subjects.
Socinianism Indefensible. In reply to Toulmin and Kentish.
Strictures on Sandemanianism.
Thornton Abbey; being Religious Letters by Mr. John Satchell.
Thoughts on Preaching.
View of Religions, by Hannah Adams, with addits.