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Alonzo King

Alonzo King (1796-1835) was born at Wilbraham, Massachusetts. He was educated at Waterville College in Maine and graduated in 1825. He pastored a Baptist Church in North Yarmouth, Maine and was ordained in 1826. It was at this church that Rev. Sylvanus Boardman, father of George Dana Boardman, was pastor until 1816.  He married Tryphena Cheney in 1827. He then pastored a church in Northborough, Massachusetts. He finally settled in Westborough, Massachusetts where he died. “His leading traits were exotics from heavenly soil:— humility, abandonment of self, consecration, all nourished by fasting and prayer. The Cross of Christ was his favorite theme; he lived in sight of the Cross, prayed beside it, preached behind it.”

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Alonzo King Booklist:

  • Address delivered at Portland before the Cumber (An). County Temperance Society : February 9, 1832
  • Facts not fiction: in a series of letters addressed to his children
  • Memoir of George Dana Boardman: late missionary to Burmah, containing much intelligence relative to the Burman mission.
  • Reclaimed family (The): in a letter from a father to his family