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Adoniram Judson

Adoniram Judson (1788–1850) was born at Malden, Massachusetts. His father was a Congregational minister. He was educated at Brown University and Andover Theological Seminary. In 1809 after reading “Star in the East” by Buchannan his heart was turned to missions. He married Ann Hasseltine. They became Baptists and settled in Rangoon, Burma. They devoted themselves to the Burmese language and Bible translation. They waited six years until the first convert. They moved to Ava and Adoniram was imprisoned brutally for almost two years during the war. They moved to Amhurst and Ann died in 1826. He moved to Maulmain and in 1835 married Sarah Boardman, widow of George Boardman. He wrote a Burmese grammar book, a Burmese dictionary and a Pali dictionary. Sarah died in 1845 and in 1846 Judson married Emily Chubbuck in the United States. Then they returned to Burma and worked on the Burmese dictionary.


Curiosmith features:
Resolutions: A Collection of Wisdom.



 Children with Ann Hasseltine:

  1. First child stillborn
  2. Roger Williams died 8 months
  3. Maria Eliza Butterworth died 2 years 3 months

 Children with Sarah Boardman:

  1. Abby Ann Judson - teacher
  2. Adoniram Brown Judson – physician
  3. Elnathan Judson -
  4. Henry Judson (died 2 years)
  5. Henry Hall Judson
  6. Charles Judson (died 2 years)
  7. Edward Judson (1844-1914) - Baptist pastor

 Children with Emily Chubbuck:

  1. Emily Frances (1847)
  2. Charles (1850) - lived less than one day.

 Book list of Adoniram Judson:

  • Burmese translation of the Bible
  • A Burmese-English dictionary
  • Pali dictionary
  • A Burmese Grammar
  • Hymns: Our Father, God, Who art in Heaven and Come Holy Spirit, Dove Divine