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The Method of Grace by George Whitefield

The Method of Grace by George Whitefield


This sermon details an authentic work of grace in a believer's heart. Whitefield uses the phrase "we can speak peace to our hearts" when God's work is genuine. The defining qualities are a correct understanding of sin, the nature of unbelief, and laying hold on the righteousness of Christ. The second part of the sermon is addressed to different people including true believers, backsliders and those who have never known Christ in their hearts.

Paperback 5.25X8, 34 pages. ISBN 9781935626602

GEORGE WHITEFIELD (1714–1779) was born in Gloucester, England. He attended Pembroke College at Oxford. Charles and John Wesley became his friends and he was a member of the Holy Club. The group was highly disciplined and "methodical" in their performance of religion. In 1735, he read Henry Scougal's The Life of God and the Soul of Man and had a spiritual change and a new birth.  Ordained in 1736, he started preaching and became very popular immediately. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean thirteen times and preached in churches and open fields. Gifted with a prodigious voice and untiring energy he preached to huge crowds with great consequence.

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