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Curiosmith Blog — William Cowper

What is in Olney, England?

Charles Doe John Newton Olney William Cowper

Olney is a small town in Buckinghamshire, England. Located about 60 miles north of London. William Cowper's Olney Hymns. John Newton's Olney Hymns. A welcome sign is in the town square area. The William Cowper side - a pancake race. The John Newton side - a lace maker, a cobbler, and a flash-stool (focused candlelight on a work area).  Cowper & Newton Museum. The house where Cowper wrote his hymns. Pictures of William Cowper and John Newton.    Cowper and Newton Museum Sign.    The Cowper Gardens in the backyard.  The Cowper summer house. Located midway between the Newton vicarage and...

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