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The Way of Life by Charles Hodge

The Way of Life by Charles Hodge


Charles Hodge taught “that holiness is the fruit of truth. Christians regard the word of God as the only infallible teacher of those truths which relate to the salvation of men. But are the Scriptures really a revelation from God? What doctrines do they teach?” The book will “give a plain answer to these questions, and be suitable to place in the hands of intelligent and educated young persons, either to arouse their attention, or to guide their steps in the way of life.”

Paperback 6X9, 222 pages, ISBN 9781941281635

CHARLES HODGE (1797–1878) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was educated at Princeton College and Princeton Seminary. He married Sarah Bache, great granddaughter of Benjamin Franklin in 1822. He was a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary most of his life. He founded the “Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review.” He is known for his Calvinistic teachings published in his “Systematic Theology.”

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