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The Name Above Every Name by Rev. Samuel Cutler

The Name Above Every Name by Rev. Samuel Cutler (PDF)


A devotional style book of fifty-two names of Jesus Christ organized by weekly chapters. The chapters include a verse for each day, an exposition and a poem on each name. “It has been the purpose of the author to furnish a Hand-Book, in which the Christian might daily find a text of Scripture referring to his Saviour, as a subject for meditation; which, in connection with the thoughts in prose, and the selected poetry, would also form a continuous topic for a week.”

PDF Download, 196 pages.

Samuel Cutler (1805–1880) was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Early in his life he worked in the dry goods business. Dr. Edward Payson had a profound effect on him in Maine. He was ordained in 1841 and followed Presbyter’s orders to St. Andrews, Hanover. He stayed in Hanover over 30 years and resigned in 1872. This resignation happened as a result of Sacramentarianism being adopted, because Cutler strongly believed in justification by faith. In 1877 he resigned his office as presbyter in the Protestant Episcopal Church. He joined the Reformed Episcopal Church and remained unencumbered by Romanism and Sacramentarianism.

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