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The Force of Truth: An Authentic Narative by Thomas Scott

The Force of Truth: An Authentic Narrative by Thomas Scott


The Force of Truth is an autobiographical account of how Rev. Thomas Scott came to his evangelical convictions. Initially, he became ordained in the Church of England, but was wholly self-centered and unspiritual. When he tried to argue with John Newton about doctrine, the two began to interchange letters, but then stopped. Thomas Scott set out on a course of self-study which led to a conviction of his own sin with the realization that he needed God's grace.

This edition contains eight letters from John Newton historically connected to the early period and reveal much of how Newton viewed the process of the revelation of God to sinners. A recommendatory letter was written by Rev. Samuel Miller for extended circulation in the United States, and also the inclusion of John Newton's name where it had been left out in previous editions. The writing style and arrangement were overseen by William Cowper of Olney, before it was published in 1779.

Paperback 6X9, 140 pages. ISBN  9781935626428
Kindle Version $2.95.

Thomas Scott (1747–1821) was born in Lincolnshire, England. He worked on his father’s farm but he also studied Greek and Latin. In 1772, he sought to be ordained and he became the curate of Stoke Goldington and Weston Underwood. In the late 1770’s he embraced the gospel and took over the Olney pulpit in 1781. In 1785, he became the Lecturer of Lock Hospital in London, where he was a favorite preacher of William Wilberforce, Henry Thornton, and Hannah More. In 1803, he moved to Aston Sandford, Buckinghamshire. He is known for founding the Lock Asylum, the Church Missionary Society and his Commentary for the “Family Bible.”

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