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Self-Deception: Its Nature, Evils and Remedy by Jacob Helffenstein

Self-Deception: Its Nature, Evils and Remedy by Jacob Helffenstein


These piercing statements apply to Christians because the natural mind is always tending toward deceptive self-righteousness. Also in part he is trying to provoke people who think they are Christians but are “trusting in a refuge of lies,” to reconsider. Some topics are: intellectual assent is not holiness; natural gifts and sentiments are not to be confused with true spiritual life; adopting healthy habits is not necessarily spiritual repentance; and zeal for a cause is not necessarily Christian devotedness. The huge participation rate of all mankind in self-deception should give one pause to reconsider these issues.

Paperback 5.25X8; 74 pages; ISBN 9781941281567

Jacob Helffenstein (1802–1884) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the third son of Dr. Samuel Helffenstein, who was part of a family of ministers. Jacob pastored the church in Chambersburg and Fayetteville, Pennsylvania from 1838–1841. From 1842–1869 he moved to the Market Square Church, a Reformed Church of Germantown, PA. In 1856 he changed the church to Presbyterian after dissenting about Mercersburg Theology because it had a tendency toward Romanism.

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