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Memoir of the Rev. Richard Cecil

Memoir of the Rev. Richard Cecil


Richard Cecil (1748–1810) was born in London, England. His father was a scarlet dyer, but supported Richard’s interest in religion. In 1773, he was educated at Queen’s College, Oxford. He held positions at many different institutions, but his main occupation was at St. John’s Chapel, Bedford Row, a large Chapel in London at that time. He married Jenny Adams in 1781. She wrote the memoir but was never identified formally. His collected works include sermons and memoirs.

Paperback 6X9, 148 pages, ISBN 9781946145758.

Josiah Pratt (1768–1844) was born at Birmingham, England. He was educated at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford and ordained as a deacon in 1792. During 1795–1804 he worked as an assistant minister under Richard Cecil at St. John’s Chapel, Bedford Row. He served 21 years as secretary (after Thomas Scott) to the Church Missionary Society. From 1804–1831 he became lecturer and assistant curate with John Newton at St. Mary Woolnoth. In 1826 he served as Vicar of St. Stephen’s, Coleman Street, London. He was active in promoting foreign missions work and helped form the British and Foreign Bible Society. He was part of the Eclectic society and started to publish the “Christian Observer.”

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