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Memoir of Rev. John Robinson by Robert Ashton

Memoir of Rev. John Robinson by Robert Ashton


John Robinson (1575–1625) is known as the pastor to the pilgrim fathers. He attended Cambridge and became a puritan preacher. He was a separatist and moved to Leyden, Holland because of persecution. At Leyden he was the pastor to the pilgrims that eventually left in the Mayflower. Robinson remained in Leyden with the remnant of his church to take care of wives and children.

Paperback 6X9; 64 pages; ISBN 9781946145604

Robert Ashton (1798–1878) was born at Hull, England. He was educated at Hoxton College. After being a pastor for 26 years he worked as a secretary for Christian organizations. In 1847 he became the General Secretary of the “Board of Congregational Ministers.” He was editor of the “Congregational Year Book” and the three volume “Works of John Robinson.”

Memoir of Rev. John Robinson (Kindle version)

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