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History of Corporal Murray, of the U.S. Infantry by Jeremiah Porter

History of Corporal Murray, of the U.S. Infantry by Jeremiah Porter


James Murray was a restless soul born in Ireland. He sailed to Canada and opened a drugstore. When business success did not come, he enlisted in the U. S. Army. He was frequently intoxicated and indulged in profane swearing. He dreaded to trust his soul to Jesus, even though a spiritual awakening was happening in his company. “The Lord convinced Murray of sin, and showed him that all the ceremonies of the Romish church were in vain to his salvation.” He finally saw his depravity and trusted Christ.

Paperback 6x4, 46 pages, ISBN 9781941281963

REV. JEREMIAH PORTER (1804–1893), was born in Hadley, Massachusetts. He was educated at Hopkins Academy and Williams College. He entered Andover Theological Seminary (1825) and then Princeton Theological Seminary (1830). Afterwards he worked for the American Home Missionary Society at Fort Brady in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Territory. In 1833, he organized the First Presbyterian Church in Chicago. In 1835, he pastored Main Street Presbyterian Church, Peoria, Ill., and married Eliza Chappell, an important school teacher in Chicago. Then he transferred to Farmington, Fulton County, Ill. until 1840. Next he accepted the call to the Presbyterian Church of Green Bay, Wis. for 18 years. In 1858, he went to the Edward's Congregational Church of Chicago. During the Civil War, Rev. Porter labored in hospitals in Vicksburg in 1863, and Marietta, Ga, in 1864, and Louisville in 1865. They moved back to Chicago in 1866 and ministered at the Congregational Church in Prairie du Chien, Wis. In 1868 he moved to the Presbyterian Church in Brownsville, TX. In 1870 he was appointed to United States Senate, Post Chaplin, USA at Fort Brown, Fort Sill, and Fort Russell. He retired in 1882


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