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William Nevins

William Nevins (1797-1835) was born in Norwich, Connecticut. He attended Yale and then Princeton Theological Seminary. In 1820, he became an ordained minister and the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1822, he married Mary Lloyd Key (1801–1834), cousin of Francis Scott Key, and had five children. Note: Since Philip Barton Key (Mary Lloyd’s father) was the brother of John Ross Key (1754-1821), this would make Mary Lloyd Key a cousin of Francis Scott Key.

Curiosmith features:
Practical Thoughts.

William Nevins booklist:

  1. Practical Thoughts
  2. Thoughts on Popery
  3. Sermons by the Late Rev. William Nevins, D. D.
  4. Select Remains of the Rev. William Nevins, D. D.
  5. Essay on the Wants of the World and the Way to Relieve them
  6. Earnest Appeals; or, Questions and Counsels on Christian Duty
  7. Tracts:
  • The Great Alternative: repentance or perdition
  • What Have I Done? what have I thought, said, or felt, having an influence on my eternal welfare?
  • What Must I do?
  • I will give liberally
  • Don’t Break the Sabbath
  • Do You Attend the Monthly Concert?
  • Apologies for Traveling on the Sabbath


William Nevins. Select Remains of the Rev. William Nevins, D. D. with a Memoir. New York: John S. Taylor, 1836.