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William Harris, D.D. (1675–1740)

William Harris, D.D. (1675–1740) was born in London, England. He was a dissenting Presbyterian minister. In 1698, he became minister at Crutched-Friars, London. In 1708 he was, for 30 years, a preacher of the Friday evening lectures at Weight-house, Little Eastcheap. In 1727 he became a preacher at the Merchant’s Lecture at Salter’s-Hall. He spoke against the errors of the Church of Rome, particularly transubstantiation. He wrote the Memoirs of Thomas Manton in 1725.

Curiosmith features:
Memoir of Thomas Manton (Kindle Version at


  • Continued Matthew Henry’s Exposition: Commentary of the Epistles to Philippians and Colossians
  • Discourse on Luke 22:19, 20 concerning Transubstantiation (A)
  • Four Discourses and the Lord’s Supper.
  • Funeral Discourses in Two Parts.
  • Memoirs of Thomas Manton
  • Practical Discourses on the Principal Representations of the Messiah throughout the Old Testament.
  • Practical Illustration of the Book of Esther.
  • Self-Dedication, Personal and Sacramental, explained and enforced.
  • Single Sermons
  • Two Questions of Present Importance, briefly stated and argued.