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Stuart Hull Moore Publishing

Stuart Hull Moore (1854 –1915) was born in Cutchogue, New York. In 1875 he started in the publishing business with F. M. Lupton, his cousin, publishing "The Cricket on the Hearth." In 1879 Mr. Moore founded S. H. Moore & Co. at 27 Park Place, Manhattan. In 1882 he married Myra Drake, who was active in music and literature. In 1886 he founded the magazine "Ladies' World" which continued many years. "The Cricket on the Hearth" was eventually merged into "Ladies' World." S. H. Moore & Co. merged with McClure Company, publisher of McClure's Magazine.

Father: Joseph Hull Moore (his sister Hannah Maria Moore, married Edmond Fanning Lupton and was the mother of Frank Moore Lupton. Hence Stuart Hull Moore is a cousin of Frank Moore Lupton.)