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Seeley, Jackson and Halliday

Important Publications:

  • Church Missionary Intelligencer and Record
  • Church Missionary Society publications.
  • Ministering Children by Maria Charlesworth

Robert Benton  Seeley (1798-1886) was born in Ave Maria Lane in London. He worked in his father's bookstore at 169 Fleet Street until 1826. In 1826 he took control of the publishing branch with Mr. Burnside. In 1827 he moved the shop to 10 Crane Court. Then in 1830 he moved to 172 Fleet Street. In 1840 he moved to 54 Fleet Street. In 1854 entered in partnership with Mr. Jackson and Mr. Halliday both who died a few years later. In 1884 the business moved to Essex Street and then to 38 Great Russell Street. 


  • Grandfather - Benton Seeley (1716 to 1795) in 1744 he was a publisher in Buckingham.
  • Father - Leonard Benton Seeley (1766-1834) came to London in 1785. He is said to have started Seeley Publishing in 1795. In 1808 he moved to 169 Fleet street. He was active with evangelicals (Thomas Scott, Josiah Pratt, Richard Cecil and Edward Bickersteth) and the Church Missionary Society met at his offices.
  • Wife - Mary Anne Jackson (1809-1868). Her brother, John Henry Jackson, was a business partner with Seeley.
  • Son – Sir John Seeley – An accomplished Historian.
  • Son - Richmond – (named after Legh Richmond) worked in the family publishing business.
  • Son – Leonard

Robert Seeley's booklist: (from Dictionary of National Biography)

  • Essays on Romanism.
  • Memoirs of the Life and Writings of M. T. Sadler.
  • Remedies for the Pearls of the Nation: An Appeal.
  • The Church of Christ in the Middle Ages.
  • The Atlas of Prophecy, being the Prophesies of Daniel, with an Exposition.
  • The Pope a Pretender: the Substance of a Speech.
  • A memoir of the Rev. A. B. Johnson.
  • The Life of W. Cowper.
  • The Life of J. Wesley.
  • The Spanish Peninsula: a Sketch.
  • Is the Bible True? seven dialogues between James White (a pseudonym) and E. Owen.
  • Have we any Word of God?
  • Is the Bible True? Seven dialogues by a Layman.
  • Essays on the Bible.
  • The Life and Writings of St. Peter.
  • The greatest of the Prophets, Moses.


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