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Ruth Lamb

Born Ruth Buck, in 1829, at Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England. She married Alderman Joseph Lamb of Manchester, in the 1863. He was 19 years older than she was. She was an authoress of over 40 books and lived well. She died in Chorton, Lancashire, England in 1916.

Curiosmith features:
Ben's Lady.

Books and Stories by Ruth Lamb:
A Little Child's Day, and What She Learned In It.
A Wilful Ward.
Alice Western's Blessing.
An Angel Guest in Human Guise, etc.
Arthur Glyn's Christmas-Box, and Other Stories.
Aunt Milly's Diamonds.
Ben's Lady
Bernard Kendal's Fortune.
Captain Christie's Granddaughter.
Comfortable Mrs. Crook, and Other Sketches.
Dear Miss Meg, and Other Stories with Illustrations by M. E. Edwards.
Getting Clear Off; or, Tom Bellamy's Joke.
Grateful Peter's New Year's Gift.
Her Own Choice.
His First Offence. A True Tale of City Life.
Holiday Stories, etc.
How Charley Helped His Mother.
In the Twilight Side by Side...First Series.
"It Isn't Right"; or, Frank Johnson's Reason.
Jem Morrison, the Fisher-Boy.
Job Leeson's Dispensation.
Joe's First Earnings; or, The Wickedest Weed of All.
Katie Brightside, and How She Made the Best of Everything.
Look on the Sunny Side, and Other Sketches.
Master And Servant; or, Richard Owen's Choice.
Midsummer at Hay-Lodge.
Milly's Mistakes; And What She Learned by Them.
More Talks in the Twilight.
Not Quite a Lady.
Of No Account.
Old Cantanker; or, What Came of the Flower Show.
One Little Vein of Dross.
Only a Girl-Wife.
Pleasant Paths for Little Feet.
Ray of Sunlight; or, Jack Stafford's Resolve. and Other Readings for Working Men's Homes.
Servants and Service.
Sturdy Jack.
Taught by Experience.
The Carpenter's Family: A Sketch of Village Life.
The Emigrant's Son; or, The Two Christmas Eves and Phœbe's Cares.
The Experiences of Tom Neal and Sarah His Wife.
The Longest Way Round for the Shortest, and Other Sketches.
The Luckiest Lad in Libberton.
The Shrimper's Foundling. A Story of New-Year's Eve.
The Trials of a Village Artist.
Thoughtful Joe, and How He Gained His Name, etc.
Too Close Fisted, and Other Stories.
What Love Can Do, and Other Stories.
Work, Wait, Win.