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Mary Emily Ropes

Mary Emily Ropes (1842–1932) was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her father was William Hooper Ropes, a merchant in Russia. While young she lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, then moved to London and spent her later life in Wales. She wrote about Russian life with her brother, Adrian Ross (Arthur R. Ropes), in the book “On Peter’s Island.”  Another popular story was “Mary Jones and Her Bible.”

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Father - William Hooper Ropes, a merchant in Russia.
Mother - Ellen Harriet Ropes nee Hall.
Brother - Arthur Reed Ropes whose pseudonym was Adrian Ross. He was a prolific author and playwright.
Brother - Rev. Charles Joseph Hardy Ropes, a professor at Bangor Theological Seminary.
Brother - William Hall Ropes, who worked for W. Ropes & Company.
Sister - Ellen Gellibrand Ropes, married Charles Hooper Trask.
Sister - Louisa Harriet Ropes, was in the music profession and married Edward Abbs Cattley.
Several other siblings.

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