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Mary A. Lathbury

Mary Artemisia Lathbury (1841–1913) was born in Manchester, New York. Her father was a minister and she was raised in a religious environment. She went to art school and then taught art for many years at different seminaries. She then learned writing when Bishop John H. Vincent employed her as an editor. She engaged in writing for the Chautauqua movement and was published in many publications. She was a multitalented person who was an artist, poet, and hymnist.


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Books she illustrated:

The Odd One by Amy Le Feuvre

Hymns she wrote:

1. Arise, All Souls, Arise

2. Awake, and Sing

3. Break Thou the Bread of Life

4. Day Is Dying in the West

5. Easter Carol

6. Easter Song

7. Life in the Loom

8. Lift Up, Lift Up Thy Voice

9. O Shepherd of the Nameless Fold

10. O Wondrous World Within a World

Books she wrote:

"Poems of Mary Artemisia Lathbury, Chautauqua laureate."

"Child's Story of the Bible."

"Ring-around-a-rosy, a Dozen Little Girls."

"April Skies."

"The Rose."

"The Daisy."