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Lucy Ellen Guernsey

Lucy Ellen Guernsey (1826–1899) was born in Pittsford, New York. Her sister Clara F. Guernsey, was also a writer, whom she lived with many years. Many of her stories have a beneficial moral message and were published by the American Sunday-School Union. She wrote over 60 stories and books, including the popular “Irish Amy.”

Curiosmith features:
Mabel or the Bitter Root.

Lucy Ellen Guernsey Booklist:
Alice and Bessie
Binney the Beaver and Other Stories
Blue Socks; or, Count the Cost
Chevalier's Daughter (The): Being One of the Stanton Corbet Chronicles
Child's Treasure of Stories (The)
Christmas at Cedar Hill: A Holiday Story-Book
Christmas Earnings; or, Ethel Fletcher's Temptation (The)
Claribel; or, Rest at Last
Cousin Deborah's Story, or, The Great Plague
Cub’s Apple; or, Next Time
Dark Night; or, Fear of Man Bringeth a Snare (A)
Ethel’s Trial in Becoming a Missionary
Fairchilds (The); or, Do What You Can
Foster-Sisters (The): or, Lucy Corbet's Chronicle
Grandmother Brown's School-Days; or, Education As It Was Seventy Years Since
Heiress of McGregor (The); or, Living for Self
Henry Willson's Voyage: or, Only in Fun
Hidden Treasure (The): A Tale Of Troublous Times
Irish Amy
Jenny and the Birds
Jenny and the Insects, or, Little Toilers and Their Industries
Kitty Maynard; or, To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice
Lady Betty's Governess: or, The Corbet Chronicles
Lady Rosamond's Book; or, Dawnings of Light - Second Part of The Stanton-Corbet Chronicles
Langham Revels; or, The Fair Dame of Stanton
Lent In Earnest (A); or, Sober Thoughts for Solemn Days
Loveday's History: A Tale of Many Changes
Mabel, or, The Bitter Root, A Tale of the Times of James the First
Milly; or, The Hidden Cross.
Miss Georgine’s Husband
Mission-Box (The); or, Doing Good and getting Good
Mother's Mission (The): Sketches from Real Life
Myra Sherwood's Cross, and How She Bore It
Nellie; or, the Best Inheritance
No Talent and Phil’s Pansies
Object of Life (The)
Old Stanfield House
Oldham; or, Beside All Waters
Only in Fun; or, Henry Wilson’s Voyage
Opposite Neighbours
Orphan Nieces; or, Duty and Inclination
Pattie Durant: A tale of 1662
Percy's Holidays
Ready Work for Willing Hands: or, The Story of Edith Allison
Red Plant (The)
Rhoda's Education; or, Too Much of a Good Thing
School-Girls' Treasury; or, Stories for Thoughtful Girls (The)
Story of a Hessian: A Tale of the Revolution in New Jersey
Sunday-School Exhibition and its Consequences
Sword of De Bardwell
Tabby's and Her Travels; or, The Holiday Adventures of a Kitten: A Christmas and New-Year's Story
Tame Turtle (The): or, Geordie McGregor's Trouble
Tatler (The); or, The History of Patty Steele
Three Girls of the Revolution
Through Unknown Ways: or, The Journal-Books of Mrs. Dorathea Studley
Twin Roses And How They Were Trained (The)
Unknown Ways
Upward and Onward; or, The History of Rob. Merritt
Washington and Seventy-Six. By Lucy E. And Clara F. Guernsey
Willing to Be Useful, or, Principle and Duty Illustrated in the Story Of Edith Allison
Winifred, or, After Many Days
Winifred; or, English Maiden in the Seventeenth Century